About Wellbore Services LLC

Wellbore Services, LLC’s (Wellbore) primary business is the sale of new and reconditioned thread protectors.

Wellbore – Pipe Protection and Recycling is a lead supplier of both new and reconditioned casing pipe thread protectors and bumper rings, and the only provider with an on-site 360° Recycling Program.

“Recover, Recycle, Reuse”

We house one of the largest inventories of API and Premium reconditioned thread protectors in the industry.  Our facility is designed and engineered to operate at the highest level of production by utilizing four 1,700 gallon high-pressure pass-through washers, allowing us to fill orders quickly and meet our customers’ time sensitive delivery needs.

Wellbore’s inventory levels of field grade protectors allow us to implement a shelf-life program that provides our customers with a superior product by eliminating quality concerns generated by weather rotted plastics and metals.

Our facility is also equipped with a 60HP industrial shredder capable of reclaiming HDPE plastics at a rate of 2,500 lbs per hour. We have revolutionized the market by offering reclaimed plastics generated at our facility to be used in the manufacturing of new thread protectors and bumper rings.

Our continued pursuit in finding ways to lower cost in the tubular industry and providing unique recycling options to the oil and gas industry are what set us apart from our competitors.

Andrew Massey


Innovation, evolution, and hands on leadership are the driving forces behind the success of Wellbore. Andrew, a seasoned entrepreneur, has utilized his mechanical and electrical engineering skills to launch Wellbore into being a leader in the thread protector supply industry. His vision for growth and improvement has led to many automated processes and procedures that have strengthened production and customer support. As a leader, Andrew empowers his team to bring new ideas to the company round table where they are challenged and implemented for the overall success of Wellbore and our customers.

Wendy Massey


Since 2002, Wendy has worked in the oil and gas industry alongside top executives. Her invaluable experience has provided her the skills and knowledge to be a driving force of Wellbore’s success. Wendy is a key member, managing our accounting department and creating processes and procedures for day-to-day operations. She is also credited with obtaining and maintaining our commercial licensing and credentials for industry programs such as ISNetworld and PEC.

James Burkhalter

Sales and Quality Supervisor

James brings 12 plus years of thread protector sales knowledge to our team and is committed to the quality of our product lines. His vast knowledge of API and Premium thread types ensures our customers receive the products best suited for their threading applications. James oversees our quality program and works to ensure all products and procedures comply with ISO 9001:2015 guidelines. James is very customer satisfaction driven and his attention to the finer details of each customer request is the backbone to a positive experience with Wellbore.

Terry Saltsman

Professional Driver

With over 21 years of commercial vehicle operation experience Terry guarantees our customer orders are delivered on-time, every time. Terry’s dedication to customer service and safety is an example of all Wellbore personnel and our goal to surpass all customer expectations.

The Company Promise

Wellbore Services, LLC is dedicated to the health and safety of our employees and contractors, and also to the protection of our environment. Our commitment adds tremendous value to our customers and workforce.

Our Testimonials

“James is one of the most knowledgeable guys in the business. He always has what I need and understands the importance of rushed deliveries.”

Christian P.

Supply Chain

These guys are topnotch! Their recycle bins are the safest and easiest to use by far.

Steven B.

HSE Consultant

Best recycling program we have had for our Wyoming and Colorado operations. These guys are one of a kind.

Jamie M.

Procurement Director

I have had the pleasure of visiting this facility for a vendor audit. First class operation… Wellbore will make a lasting impact in this industry.

Jason H.

Quality Assurance Supervisor

Fantastic job of meeting all deliverables, even unplanned quick deadlines.

Jason S.

Supply Chain

As a buyer of used thread protectors, I am very happy with the quality and availability of products offered by Wellbore.

Molly B.

Purchasing Agent

Excellent customer service and on-time dependability; We really enjoy working with the Wellbore recovery team.

Jody C.

Drilling Procurement Specialist

I most appreciate the honesty and transparency of this sales group. They are always open about availability and delivery.

Stephanie R.

Inventory Coordinator

Project Deliverables





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