Oilfield Thread Protector Companies

Oilfield Thread Protector Companies

Oilfield Thread Protector Companies

Oilfield Thread Protectors

Wellborne Services LLC is leading the pack when it comes to providing environmentally friendly solutions for oilfield thread protectors in Houston. These thread protectors are designed to protect the delicate threads of your pipes during transportation. Most of the thread protectors we produce are designed for pipes that are slated specifically for the oil and gas industry. Using thread protectors are necessary to the preservation of pipes during transportation and storage. This is because even slight damage done to the threading of a pipe can cause it to be unusable, wasting time and money for our clients. Avoid costing yourself the extra money, time, and effort by working with Wellborne Services LLC as your top oilfield thread protector company in Houston.

Why Do Pipes Need Thread Protectors?

Whenever pipes are stored or transported they are left vulnerable and exposed. The most fragile part of your pipe is the fragile threading at the end. Whenever these ends are exposed to damage this can dramatically reduce the life expectancy of the threads. Whenever you are reducing the life of your pipes before even installing them, you are costing your company extra money, time, and effort.

To prevent the challenges that come with exposed threading, pipe thread protectors can be used to meet the challenge and provide much needed protection coverage.  Thread protectors are generally manufactured in steel or plastic. They are applied to pipes both manually and by machine, depending on which works better for your company.

Wellbore LLC, takes much pride in providing our customers with recycled plastic thread protectors for their oil and Gas industry pipe threads.  We have developed a 360 program which provides our clients with the most cost savings. We do this by reducing the need for replacing your pipes prematurely. This helps our customers save money and provide quality services.  At Wellbore LLC we understand what it means to work on a budget, this is why we provide the best products and services to our clients.

Our 360 process begins with selecting used thread protectors from environmentally protected recycling bins.  These are provided by Wellbore and delivered to your company’s site. The thread protectors are transported to our recycling center where they are then placed into a cleaning and quality inspection process then reviewed for reuse. After passing the quality inspection, thread protectors are categorized by size, type and manufacturer.  This is done in order to distribute recycled thread protectors back to the tubular industry. Do not work with thread protectors that are bad for the environment or cannot provide full protection to the threading of your company’s pipes.

Wellbore Pipe Protection continues to provide our customers with quality certified used thread protectors.Our certified pipe protectors will get the job done and save you the costs of newly manufactured protectors, environmental waste, and transportation.  Give Wellbore Pipe Protection a call or email today. You’ll find we are the answer for Pipe Thread Protectors in Houston. Wellbore Pipe Protection and Recycling LLC.

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Oilfield Thread Protectors

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