Oilfield Thread Protectors Houston

Oilfield Thread Protectors Houston

Oilfield Thread Protectors Houston

The Oilfield Thread protectors furnished by Wellbore Thread Protection and recycling are precision-machined to withstand very tight tolerances. The materials used in thread protectors allow for a tight seal. Wellbore Oilfield Thread protectors also keep contaminants out and allow for safe transport of materials.

There are a variety of sizes and shapes for Thread protectors and other pipe toppers that are used to protect the pipe threads, such as end caps, tear caps, long and short caps and a host others.  The most important thing to remember is the thread protector is effective. Protecting the threads on the pipe, saving customers costs on production and transport is what Wellbore Oilfield Thread Protectors do.

At Wellbore Pipe Protection and Recycling, our plastic thread protectors provide savings throughout the cycle of use.  Our 360 program gives our oil and gas customers flexibility and cost savings. Our recycled thread protectors saves thousands by utilizing our recycling thread protects.


Here’s how it works.  The 360 program begins with the collection of used thread protectors from the customers location.  Once picked up, the thread protectors are taken to our facility. They are cleaned and quality inspected for reuse. Upon completion of the inspection process, our company delivers the pipe protectors to the customer.  Saving them time for delivery on new merchandise, while providing an environmentally sound product to our customers.

Wellbore Pipe Protection and Recycling is a revolutionary method of conserving, recycling, and producing environmentally sound products for re-consumption.  Our Oil and Gas customers are thrilled to have yet another platform of safety and environmental sound practices. If your job is to transport materials in the tubular industry; Wellbore Pipe and recycling is this industries’ leader in the production, recycling and transport of thread protectors.

If you’re in the oil and gas drilling and/or the tubular industry, contact Wellbore Pipe Protection and Recycling we are a reliable and trusted company for thread protectors.  Our 360 program is a revolutionary process of collecting and reproducing thread protectors for reuse. We save your company hundreds of thousands in the cost of replacing or cleaning thread protectors for reuse.  Wellbore provides and all-inclusive service to continually address your thread protection needs. Contact Wellbore Services, LLC today!

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