Recycled Pipe Thread Protectors Houston

Recycled Pipe Thread Protectors Houston

Recycled Pipe Thread Protectors Houston

The production and use of environmentally sound products is the oil and gas industry is always a mission.  A primary component of the industry is piping systems. Piping systems are sometimes the lifeblood of a particular oil and gas process.  Wellbore recycled pipe thread protectors, offers customers an environmentally sound and safe practice of recycled pipe thread protection though our evolutionary 360 program.

One of the most essential elements to the transport of pipes in the oil and gas industry is the pipe protector. Pipe protectors cover the threads of the pipe inside our out and they are not removed until usage is needed.  As these pipes may transport hazardous materials, pipe protectors prevent damage to the pipes and often times prevent leakage of the hazardous materials.

At Wellbore Pipe Protection and Recycling, our 360 programs begin with the delivery of recycled thread protectors to your site.  Each customer location is provided environmentally sound collection containers to store used thread protectors. Upon delivery of the newly recycled thread protectors from Wellbore, we pick up the used thread protectors left in the container.

The used thread protectors are transported to our facility and are recycled through a quality-checked system where each protector is given and safety stamped for reuse.  All of Wellbore’s recycled protectors are grounded in ISO standards and API specifications. Upon completion of the recycling process, it begins again with another delivery and pick up of thread protectors.

Wellbore Pipe Protection and Recycling provides a sound recycling process, which preserves our environment, keeps plastics out harmful landfills and conserves energy. We believe our 360 programs are best suited for Oil and Gas customers and beyond.  Our purpose is to provide cost saving recycled thread protectors while persevering the environment.

If you’re interested in a safe and cost effective recycled thread protector, look no further than Wellbore Pipe Protection, LLC.  Our 360 program has proven efficiency with tremendous cost savings and preservation of the environment. Our 306 program is all-inclusive.  Wellbore does all recycling. This means you’re assured of doing business with one single company. Call Wellbore Services, LLC today.

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