Thread Protector Recovery Services

In addition to protecting the environment by preventing thousands of tons of plastics, metals, and pipe joint compounds from entering landfills each year. Our goal is to also assist oil and gas companies with maintaining clean, safe well site locations.

Storage, Transportation and Documentation

Super Sacks and Recycling Containers are a safe, clean, and economic way to store used thread protectors. Each storage type can hold multiple protectors in various shapes and sizes. Using these supplied storage options is the 1st step to preventing pipe joint compounds and other contaminates from causing harm to our environment. (Get a Quote for Recycling Bin Rental) 

Proper transportation and documentation are the 2nd steps to our recovery program. All used thread protectors removed from location are transported in cargo tarped trailers that abide by all state and federal DOT regulations. Each jobsite or well site cleanup will be documented with a waste manifest ticket for proof of recycle. Each company generated manifest, will be recorded in an annual waste reduction report and given to the appropriate HSE personnel for further filing. 

Disposal and Recycling

It is stated in the State Railroad Commission Articles C-3 and F-19: Thread protectors are a nonexempt waste and should be sent to a reclamation facility that removes pipe dope and other contaminates for proper disposal and/or recycling. This is the 3rd and final step of the recovery program.  

Wellbore’s facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified and compliant/licensed with TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) Reg. #96372.

Keep Your Operations Profitable With Thread Protector Recovery


How The Recovery Program Works

  • 1
  • Storage containers are delivered to customer facility.
  • 2
  • Used thread protectors are placed into containers by customer.
  • 3
  • Wellbore provides transportation for the removal of used thread protects from customer’s location.
  • 4
  • “Cradle-to-Grave” Accountability and Traceability of recycled thread protectors are reported to the customer.

The Company Promise

Wellbore Services, LLC is dedicated to the health and safety of our employees and contractors, and also to the protection of our environment. Our commitment adds tremendous value to our customers and workforce.

Our Testimonials

“James is one of the most knowledgeable guys in the business. He always has what I need and understands the importance of rushed deliveries.”

Christian P.

Supply Chain

These guys are topnotch! Their recycle bins are the safest and easiest to use by far.

Steven B.

HSE Consultant

Best recycling program we have had for our Wyoming and Colorado operations. These guys are one of a kind.

Jamie M.

Procurement Director

I have had the pleasure of visiting this facility for a vendor audit. First class operation… Wellbore will make a lasting impact in this industry.

Jason H.

Quality Assurance Supervisor

Fantastic job of meeting all deliverables, even unplanned quick deadlines.

Jason S.

Supply Chain

As a buyer of used thread protectors, I am very happy with the quality and availability of products offered by Wellbore.

Molly B.

Purchasing Agent

Excellent customer service and on-time dependability; We really enjoy working with the Wellbore recovery team.

Jody C.

Drilling Procurement Specialist

I most appreciate the honesty and transparency of this sales group. They are always open about availability and delivery.

Stephanie R.

Inventory Coordinator

Project Deliverables





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